What makes us special?

What makes us special?

Not many people use motional feedback (servo bass and a couple of other terms) these days.
One of the major reasons is simple, it takes time to get it right, and some more time to apply it.
Time that costs money, and since the majority of people don’t know what they are missing, its easier to make a bulky piece of plastic,
that sounds like it’s producing bass, instead of something that is actually reproducing the sound as it was meant to…

At Archidio we are determined to change this kind of thinking.
We bring you the best possible quality, for the best possible price.
You’ll pay for midrange while getting the high-end standard (handmade, good components, made with love).

Long story short, we bring you small speakers that sound big, ‘normal’ speakers that sound insane, and screens that will blow your mind!
Check out the possibility’s in the shop and start to discover the sound you’ve missed all along!

Chris & Chris

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