About (eng)

Hello, we are Chris & Chris!

Welcome to the world of MFB, motional feedback (servo bass).

A lot of people ask us: ”if motional feedback is working this well, why isn’t the rest of the world using it?”.

We think the most important reason is simple.
Getting the feedback right is a time consuming job, applying it takes you even more time, and time, time = money!
Since it’s a lot easier, and cheaper to make a bulky piece of plastic that… well lets just say, produce’s a lot of noise and keep some people happy…
Apparently a lot of people nowadays don’t have a problem buying a car costing over 100K that has a orange peel paint job!?!

Besides our confidence in the sound quality (you’ve got to hear them!!), we are also convinced that you shouldn’t buy or make a product to throw away.
Thats why we haven’t made the Little/one ”smart” (although it’s a lot smarter than all the other active speakers).
Smart means that it is outdated in a short period and you have to buy a new one every year or two.
Bad for the environment and bad for your wallet!
The Little/one however, is built to last!

Chris & Chris