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Welcome to Archidio and meet our Little/one!

Now we can start creeping up on you and tell you that we make the best speakers on the planet, ”full sound”, sparkling clear”, ”life like sound”…
sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Now if you believe all that marketing nonsense and expect to get an audio orgasm out of a €200 piece of plastic, google on!

If however, you are looking for the sound that the artist meant to when he locked himself in the studio for weeks or even months, you have come to the right place!

Our little/one is a small, self-correcting, active loudspeaker, with a high ‘wife acceptance factor’!
They produce the soundstage of a speaker three times it’s size (and price).
Hand made in Holland and built to last!

Interested in one of our products, or curious about the two wacko’s who commit commercial-suiside in second paragraph on their website?
Read on!