How do you do that!?

How do we get so much bass out of that Little/One!?

To fully explain the principles of motional feedback (servo bass), we could fill an entire website (so we did, check the link below).

To say it short…

We take a star-bass accelerometer and build it into the voice coil of a woofer.
This accelerometer then measures the excursion (motion) of the woofer, and sends the information back (feedback) through the filter of the amplifier.

Normally when building a loudspeaker, you need a specific size or dimension of housing, to make it sound the way it should.
By using motional feedback, we can manipulate the signal in such a way, it seems like the components are in a housing three times the size!

This is the short version of how it works.
If you really want all the nerd-facts, check out our development site: piratelogic